Wide range of hyper-realistic products to help the modeller representing natural environments and details quickly and easily : for vignettes, dioramas, or simply detailing our kits with a final touch of reality.

Main lines of Vegetation products:

-Leaves: Laser Cut scale leaves in painted paper. Perfect to add a final touch of realism to all genre of modelling in most common scales. Up to 300 leaves included per package.

-Plants: Highly detailed laser cut paper plants. Accurately add realistic vegetation to ground work, dioramas, vignettes, and figure displays. Ideal for adding realistic and versatile vegetation details.

-Terrains: This innovative product represents terrain in a realistic way, including scrub brush, grass, earth, vegetation, and common colors in each landscape. You can use it directly as a base for vehicles or figures without the need for painting. You can also cut through easily with scissors and adapt to roads and path shapes to create great scenarios and dioramas. Dimensions 230 x 130 mm.

-Tufts: These miniature vegetation products are perfect to complement your scenes, figure bases and any type of diorama in which you need an extra touch of realism.

Each Vegetation product can easily be placed with glue, and simply cut to the required size. Are ideal for scales 1:48, 1:35 and 1:32.

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