Epoxy Resin Transparent


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Fantasy Craft 1.5 Kg Fantasy, Epoxy Resin Transparent.

Characteristics High transparency High mechanical resistance Quick removal of air bubbles. UV resistance. Better fluidity. Better adhesion on all types of surfaces. High content in solids 100% no shrinkage Easily pigmentable Accepts machining Good chemical resistance

Applications Modelism Artistic creations Fibreglass coatings Protective coatings Nautical artistic projects

Technical characteristics Mixing ratio: 100 g of resin 45 g of hardener, volume 100/50.

Pot-Life: 150g to 25oC: 60 min. Minimum cure time: 12-24 hours to 20oC. Curing time at 60oC: 3 hours.

Easily pigmentable colour.




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