REALISTIC Model SNOW Powder 280ml


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REALISTIC Model SNOW Powder 280ml (120gr)


Model SNOW Powder scatter material ideal for all your hobby basing needs. Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your wargames miniatures or model train layout. Our Model SNOW Powder is made from ultra-fine snow dust and gives a fantastic realistic look to your winter scenery. Combine Snow Powder with the our Winter Tufts to get the most realistic finish.

This type of snow includes tiny shiny particles for a better realistic finish. As the color of our snow is pure white, if pure white is touched too much with your fingers, it could become dirty and lose a little whiteness. The realistic snow even in these circumstances, it will keep certain points of brightness that will remain forever. The amount of shiny particles have been adjusted to obtain the best as possible result.

It is supplied in a handy reusable pot.

Content: The pot contains 280ml, approximately 120gr of top quality bright white scenic snow powder.




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